Python shifters are known for being lazy, so lazy they often can’t be bothered to find a mate and procreate, but when an unclaimed female practically falls in his lap, he won’t pass up the opportunity.




“Do you always play with your food before you eat it?” His mate asked, eyeing him disapprovingly from the couch while he lay on top of the corpse, contemplating whether to eat her head-first, or fold her in half and eat her ass-first, since she was so thin.

“Always.” He confirmed for her. He looked up at her for a moment. “You will to, after your first heat settles your instincts in more firmly.” He told her.

She flattened her lips into a frown, not liking that at all.

“It’s disgusting.” She insisted.

“It’s satisfying.” He corrected, deliberately tightening a coil around the woman’s ribs and both hearing and feeling the bones crack and snap as he crushed them into smaller pieces to make sure they wouldn’t stab at him uncomfortably while he was digesting her for the next couple days.

“Want a piece?” He offered amicably, motioning behind him to one of the woman’s legs.

“No.” She stated emphatically.

He paused in his gleeful constriction of his food and stared hard at her.

“You have eaten human before, right? You’re not an insenivore, are you?”

“Of course I eat human.” She huffed irritably. “I just don’t find any pleasure in torturing them first.”

“Them, huh? I prefer to think of human as more of an it than a they.” He pressed the heel of his palm into the dead woman’s face until the cartilage snapped, emphasizing his words. He pushed his fingers into the crushed eye sockets, savoring the squelch as the eyes burst and pulled the head up before slamming it back down on the floor, caving the skull in.

“Ugh.” She groaned, looking away.

“You’re free to leave you know.” He told her, not looking up at her while idly rolling the head side to side on the broken neck.

“What?” She asked in surprise.

“You can leave. Go home to your family, eat some dinner, sleep. Or go get drunk or blazed or whatever flips your switches. I don’t care. I’m not holding you here and I’m going to be digesting for the next couple days anyways, and I’m not that interesting of company on the best of days.” He gave the head another thump on the floor.




~11,900 words (about 45 pages, for a standard paperback book)


Violence, Food/Eating/Consuming, Cannibalism, Urination, Rape, Unconscious