Snake Tongue – Shifter Horrors (Taboo Fantasies)

It’s a shifter-eat-shifter world out there, sometimes literally when you’re a python. But for this time he’s content to hunt a human for his next meal.



Her hands started giving him more deliberate strokes and her suckling turned to head bobbing in time with her hands as she started working him over in earnest. She wasn’t just naturally gifted for deep throating, she had some practiced talent as well and he watched happily as her whole body rocked back and forth with her efforts. She occasionally peered up at him, gauging his reactions to make sure she was pleasing him. The subservience she was showing to him did more for his arousal than anything else and he felt his balls tighten warningly. A firm hand in her hair brought her movements to a stop.
She pulled back and released his cock with an audible pop, frowning up at him.
“Did I do something wrong?” She asked.
“Quite the opposite.” He assured her. “You’re about to finish me.”
“Good.” She grinned and tried to take him back in her mouth, but he tightened his grip on her hair, preventing it, which earned him another frown from her cute little pouting mouth.
“I already came in your mouth, Love. I want to come in a different hole this time.” He told her.
She blinked in surprise and then smiled. “Which one?” She asked as she realized what he wanted.
“You choose.” He offered, willing to give her this small modicum of control. It didn’t matter to him which he fucked right now, because he’d ravage them all before he ate her. It always sweetened them up deliciously, getting them thoroughly saturated with adrenaline and endorphins.



~13,600 words (about 50 pages, for a standard paperback book)



Violence, Food/Eating/Consuming, Cannibalism, Urination, Desperation, Rape, Domination, Submission, Public Sex, Drunk Sex